Counselling usually takes place on a weekly basis; each session is for fifty minutes. The first initial assessment will be to discuss your individual needs; I am able to offer this 40 minute session for £35.00. It is an opportunity to meet and ensure we are able to work together. I am able to offer short term counselling and long term counselling. 

What you can expect from our initial assessment

A mutually agreed appointment for 40 minutes, this first session will enable us to discuss your reasons for wanting to attend counselling. What you aim to gain from the counselling process. How many sessions you would like to attend; how much each session will cost and our payment process. Our session will also be an opportunity to discuss and negotiate a mutually agreed contract which will include details on our cancellation policy. 

How will I know if I am with the right counsellor?

Being comfortable with and feeling fully supported by your counsellor is the fundamental basis to begin your personal counselling journey. You want to feel as you enter the room that you are the most important person, and that the therapist is not just doing a job and you are not just another client. Therefore it is important for us both to ensure that our working relationship is a mutually agreed compatible alliance. 

Counselling can be used to help and support a wide variety of problems such as;

Relationship difficulties 
Self Esteem 

Chronic illness – Fibromyalgia CFS ME 
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
Eating disorders
Post traumatic stress disorder

What counselling is not;

An advice giving service
An instant solution