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The Beginning................Self discovery, your counselling journey

Counselling is a talking therapy that enables a person to talk about their problems, thoughts, feelings and behaviours in a safe confidential environment. Counselling usually takes place on a weekly appointment basis.

People come to counselling for a wide variety of reasons. Some people will have specific problems which may have become challenging or unmanageable. Other people may at times feel dissatisfied with their life, or unhappy with life in general.

 Some people may seek counselling for personal growth and development. At times we can feel stuck in our lives our thoughts and feelings can be consuming and stop us from living the lives we want to live. Counselling can support clients to gain understanding of self by self-exploration of their emotional issues. 

Counselling is a process to explore, and feel listened to, without judgement, it is aimed at providing clients with time and space to understand their problems, resolve problems or come to terms with.